...even in darkness there's beauty
Portraits by Graeme Wienand   |   Blue Mountains, NSW Australia
There are many forms of conditioning in our culture and at the top of the list is the belief that you must turn what you love into business and profit. For me it was always more about the art of portrait photography than the business of it. I was a naive kid who one memorable day discovered a love of photography. Back then it was analogue, the magic and the alchemy was tantalising and I began to see the world in terms of light, form, shadow and texture. Along with this new found visual language was my natural interest in the spirit of the self. Who am I, who are we? The dream world became another reality that I seemed to be living alone side the daily self. Through this awareness was born an interest (somewhat of an obsession) in touching upon and connecting with that ever present sense that there is somebody else in here, in me, in you. Maybe these portraits are metaphors or maybe they are closer to the truth of who we are than even I or the subjects are consciously aware. These people don’t present this way in their everyday lives yet these visual renditions appear as if by magic through a few hours of interaction and some thoughtful planning. Who are these people? Perhaps they are the faces of the archetypes that collectively embody the human soul. Maybe they are the mark of the subconscious. Maybe they are glimpses of inner identities or their dreaming selves.
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