"Even in darkness there's beauty"
Portraits by Graeme Wienand   |   Blue Mountains, NSW Australia
Graeme Wienand is a photographic artist with an interest in fine art portraiture. Portraits are influenced by notions of identity, sexuality, spirituality and archetypes.
Timelessness and the abolition of ego are the framework within which these portraits reside. I avoid photographing commercial fashion and you’ll rarely see individuals made over. It’s their essence that interests me and that I draw upon. If I could channel that essence and present it as a portrait I would. I cannot, therefore I create representations in photographic form of something sensed and perhaps partly imagined. Identity is a deep dark expanse. ‘Who are we’ is the ultimate question and the ever unanswerable mystery. As we probe and explore the depths of our own identities we perceive what we have been in this life and the beliefs fears and experiences that have sculpted an understanding of self. From that probing may emerge archetypal fragments that like cellular identities coalesce in the formation of an outer projection we refer to by name.

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