GRIEF - self portrait  -  May 28, 2016
Grief takes many forms. Memories tho beautiful become restraints, denying permission to continue. Emotionally one stagnates. Lamenting becomes an impenetrable doorway sealed by one's thoughts.
YEARNING - self portrait  -  July 26, 2016
A planet floating in infinite space is surrounded by a universe of life but remains eternally alone. An infinity of others like itself is no consolation to the certainty of its aloneness. It floats amid a constellation of glittering life in an orbit if singularity and disconnection. Connection would mean destruction. I am that planet. Connection is the destruction of autonomy yet it is the eternal yearning.
SELF PORTRAIT -  July 26, 2016
DIMENSIONALITY - self portrait  -  December 07, 2016
"I pass by like a ghost often sensed but never seen"
FORMATION - self portrait  -  October 30, 2017
"I am something formed from the unknown, expressed without understanding and ultimately withering”
AFTER THE FALL - self portrait  -  October 30, 2017
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