...even in darkness there's beauty
Portraits by Graeme Wienand   |   Blue Mountains, NSW Australia
It's art that moves me. So for me photography and art are one and the same. Along with this visual language is my interest in spirituality and identity i.e., who am I, who are we? This curiosity touches upon an ever present sense that there is somebody else in here, in me and in you which expresses itself as a hidden directive, a subconscious collaboration where these portrait reveal themselves to me as much as they are created by me. Maybe these portraits are metaphors or maybe they are closer to the truth of who we are than even I or the subjects are consciously aware.
“White Flower - ’Bloom’” - The flower escapes the bondage of the seed with only its gentle desire to be free.
Model: Jasmine Ghaz.
Jasmine’s paper dress suggests white petals worn upon her body. In this image she embodies the archetype of the jasmine flower.
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