"Even in darkness there's beauty"
Portraits by Graeme Wienand
A 15 year retrospective including selections from the 2003-07 "Many Faces" exhibition

Graeme Wienand is a photographic artist with an interest in fine art portraiture. Portraits are influenced by notions of identity, sexuality, spirituality and archetypes. Themes include conceptual fashion and found objects as wearable art.
"I’m not a photographer” was always my catchphrase. In the 90’s I was not a photographer because photographers documented weddings, parties and the world we live in and I didn’t do that. In the 2000’s I wasn’t a photographer because photographers were people who took selfies on smartphones, edited the world on their laptops and set up social media pages to publish their creations.
So if I’m not a photographer, what am I? I have a darkroom in my basement, a collection of film cameras on a shelf in my studio and digital cameras in a cabinet in my office. I get joy from watching an image appear on photographic paper immersed in developer and I like the smell of fixer. I get little if any joy from seeing an instant photo on a digital camera screen. I prefer to see an artwork hang on a wall than appear on a computer screen. I get no satisfaction from selfies or camera phones. I dislike it when people refer to my images as ‘photos’ because ‘photos’ are what photographers make and I’m not a photographer... am I?
I’m sure you’ve heard it said that “everyone’s a photographer” in this digital age. I guess I’m a little old school or maybe its a form of snobbery but I feel that in an ideal world there would be a threshold one needs to cross before declaring oneself a photographer. Maybe we need a new terminology to distinguish those who have done the miles from those who don’t know what an f-stop is.
In this digital world I'm a creative with an identity crisis who makes photographic images. I do so because it's an obsession. These portraits have been my labour of love since 2003. In recent years the desire has weakened. Maybe that’s a consequence of maturity or an inevitable dissolution of the ambitions of youth. However this website is a fifteen year retrospective of the portraits of people who’ve passed through my life, sometimes ever so briefly. Every one of them has left an impression on me and I remember every one of them by name.​​​​​​​

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